Friday, October 23, 2015

1996 Video with Ukrainian Hierarchy and Saint John Paul II

Watch the video on Youtube from 1996 at this link:

The Divine Liturgy to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Union of Brest, 
with Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky, 
and the episcopate and priests of Ukrainian Catholic Church of the byzantine rite
The united Ukrainian choirs 
Conducting by Zinovij Demtsiukh and Oleg Cyhylyk
The Vatican City 
St Peter's Basilica
7 July 1996

The entire Liturgy and music of Ukrainian composers is performed in the Ukrainian language

Bishop Walter Paska is seated among bishops

Bishop Basil Losten is seated among bishops

Saint John Paul II

Cardinal Lubachivsky

Saint John Paul II

Metropolitan-Archbishop Stephen Sulyk

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