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Videos from Easter 2017

April 21, 2017 – Resurrection Concert, Cathedral, Philadelphia

 April 16, 2017 - Easter Cathedral, Philadelphia

 April 15, 2017 -Paschal Foods Basket Blessing, Holy Saturday, 1 pm, Cathedral, Philadelphia

 April 14, 2017 - Good Friday, Cathedral, Philadelphia

 April 13, 2017 - Holy Thursday, Trenton, NJ

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chicago Bishop Announcment

Chicago Bishop Announcement
                The hierarchy, clergy, religious and faithful of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in USA joyfully rejoice with the good news of the Holy Father Pope Francis’ appointment of the Most Reverend Venedykt (Valery) Aleksiychuk, M.S.U., as the Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saint Nicholas in Chicago.  Bishop Aleksiychuk has up until now served as Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv, Ukraine.  He will be the 5th Bishop of St. Nicholas Eparchy, succeeding the Most Rev. Richard Seminack, an American born bishop who served the St. Nicholas Eparchy for 13 years until his death on August 16th, 2016 from illness.  The St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy includes most of central and western USA, including Hawaii and Alaska.   

                Most Rev. Venedykt Aleksiychuk, M.S.U., was born in Ukraine on January 16th, 1968 and is a Ukrainian Studite monk.   He was ordained a priest in Lviv, Ukraine twenty-five years ago and as a Bishop on September 5th, 2010.  Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk will be installed as the Bishop of St. Nicholas Eparchy in the coming months.  Let us ask offer prayers of thanksgiving to Almighty God for the blessing of a new chief shepherd for the St. Nicholas Eparchy.  Let us offer prayers for Bishop Venedykt as he joyfully undertakes this new journey, under the protection and guidance of the Mother of God.

+ Most Reverend Stefan Soroka
Archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainians
Metropolitan of Ukrainian Catholics in the United States

April 20, 2017


                Єрархи, духовенство, монашество та вірні Української Католицької Церкви в США радіють з приводу доброї новини від Святішого Отця Франциска про призначення Преосвященного Венедикта (Валерія) Алексійчука, МСУ, єпископом Української Католицької Єпархії святого Миколая в Чікаго.  Єпископ Алексійчук до цього часу служив єпископом-помічником Львівської Архиєпархії, Україна.  Він стане 5-м єпископом Єпархії св. Миколая і наступником Преосвященного Ричарда Семінака, Єпископа народженого в США, який 13 років служив в Єпархії св. Миколая аж до своєї смерті від хвороби в серпні 2016 р. До Єпархії святого Миколая входять більшість центральних і західних штатів США, включаючи Гаваї та Аляску.

                Преосвященний Венедикт Алексійчук, МСУ, народився в Україні 16 січня 1968 р. і є Монахом Студійського Уставу.  Двадцять п'ять років тому у Львові, Україна, він був рукоположений на священика, а 5 вересня 2010 р – на Єпископа. У найближчі місяці  Єпископ Венедикт Алексійчук буде поставлений  Єпископом Єпархії св. Миколая.  Подякуймо молитовно Богові й просімо у Всевишнього благословення для нового старшого пастиря Єпархії св. Миколая.  Молімося за єпископа Венедикта, який з радістю вирушив у цю нову мандрівку під покровом і проводом Матері Божої.
+Високопреосвященний Стефан Сорока
Митрополит Української Католицької Церкви у США
Архиєпископ Філадельфійський для Укpаїнців

20 квітня 2017 р.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cherry Hill Church in "Hate has no home in Cherry Hill"

In response to the recent bomb threats against the Katz Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Cherry Hill Township, NJ, and others across the nation, Mayor Chuck Cahn of Cherry Hill Township started an initiative to strengthen ties with the residents and organizations of Cherry Hill in a show of solidarity against hate crime.  On March 27th, 2017, Mayor Cahn released a video titled "Hate Has No Home in Cherry Hill" at a Township council meeting.  This short video of 2.5 minutes in length features various residents, civic groups, and houses of worship coming together in unity to take a stand against hate crime.

Father Paul Makar, pastor of St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Cherry Hill, NJ, was approached by representatives of the Cherry Hill Police Department to be a part of this new initiative. In the interest of building ties and developing fruitful relationships among the various residents of the Cherry Hill community, Father Paul and St. Michael's Church was filmed and made part of Mayor Cahn's public service video that appeared in many South Jersey and Philadelphia news and media outlets.  We Ukrainian Catholics, at St. Michael's Cherry Hill, remember hate directed against our people (such as the Holodomor of recent memory, and the War in Ukraine) and know the fear, humiliation, and resentment that results from being hated without cause.  We believe that all men are created in the image and likeness of God, and that all people are deserving of dignity and respect.  We value our friendships with our diverse and various neighbors in Cherry Hill Township, and in a spirit of brotherhood, we, at St. Michael's Cherry Hill, too stand with our neighbors against hate crime.

You can watch the video on the blog for THE WAY, or at .

Hate Has No Home in Cherry Hill from Cherry Hill Township on Vimeo.

Palm Sunday Cathedral 2017

Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka was the Main Celebrant at the 9 AM Divine Liturgy on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. The homily during the mission was offered by Fr. Raphael Strontsitskyy, hieromonk of the Studite Monastery in Lviv. Fr. Roman Pitula, Fr. Roman Sverdan and Deacon Michael Waak also celebrated the Divine Liturgy. (Video: Teresa Siwak, The Way)

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