Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sobor Liturgy Videos

Three videos from the Sobor Liturgy from October 25, 2014 are posted on our YouTube Channel. The theme of the Sobor was "I am the Light of the World." This theme was chosen in reflection to Major-Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk's "Vibrant Parish" Pastoral Letter. Before the Liturgy, everyone in the Cathedral was given a candle. The Gospel reading and the Homily that Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka offered reflected the Light of the World theme. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, Metropolitan Stefan held the first light candle and passed the flame of his candle to kindle the candles of the priests of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia. In turn, the priests went to the pews and light the candles of the Faithful who attended the Liturgy. The Cathedral was illuminated by candlelight as everyone read a "Prayer for Vibrant Parishes" in both English and Ukrainian languages. The final hymn sung at the Liturgy was "Vitae mish namu" / "Come now, to us, O Christ." In the words of the hymn is the phrase, "You are the light of life, joy and happiness. Come to us now, O Christ, each of us bless."

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


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