Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Believe for Life - Video and Brochures

"Believe for Life - The Creed" is a video production of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of  Philadelphia.  DVDs of this video (in both English and Ukrainian languages) were mailed to thousands of households in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia.  This video is used as an evangelization approach for our church.

Please watch the video and share the link with others.

Also, please send your e-mail address to us at or . We would like to stay in touch with you, send you our "The Way" newsletter for the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, and keep you informed of other projects that we are currently working on.  Thank you.

Below are also some educational brochures that were included in the mailing with the DVD.

"Believe for Life - The Creed" DVD

“Believe for Life – The Creed” DVD (English Video) Link

"Вірити все життя"  “Believe for Life – The Creed” DVD (Ukrainian Video) Link

“Believe for Life” Brochure in English Link

“Believe for Life” Brochure in Ukrainian Link


Deacon Brochure in English Link

Deacon Brochure in Ukrainian Link

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