Thursday, July 5, 2012

Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka celebrated his 30th Anniversary to the Priesthood at a reception at the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great

In Celebration of a Dedicated Life to the Church

On June 20, 2012, the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great (Fox Chase Manor, PA) hosted a reception honoring His Grace, Most Reverend Stefan Soroka on his 30th anniversary as a priest. After a communal opening prayer, Provincial Superior Sister Dorothy Ann Busowski welcomed the Archbishop with a brief speech. Drawing from the words of the apostle Matthew on the theme of calling, she encapsulated the Archbishop's life and deeds in the realm of the Lord’s work.

Drawing from Scripture, Sister Dorothy Ann opened her remarks with an allusion to the Archbishop’s entry into the religious life. “Thirty years ago,” she observed, “Jesus whispered to you, ‛Come follow me, and I will make you a fisher of people.’” (Mt 4:19). She then noted that by accepting Christ's invitation, the young priest had begun a life of giving and that over the course of three decades, many “have been beneficiaries of the gifts you have received.” 

Sister continued by extolling Archbishop Soroka's achievements as a priest, enumerating his spiritual successes in the context of the Living Water that is the overarching symbol of those who choose the path of the Fisherman. "Your warm gift of welcome is like a lighthouse whose beams invite all into the warmth of its confines. You cast a net far and wide capturing those that the Lord has given to you, never throwing back what you catch. And you have a way of calming the stormy waters . . .  making each struggle seem surmountable. . . . "

Sr Dorothy Ann presented Metropolitan Soroka with a Fishing net and said, "You cast a net far and wide capturing those that the Lord has given to you, never throwing back what you catch."

The Provincial Superior closed by expressing her community's delight in sharing this special occasion with His Grace, recalling his personal interest in the well-being of the community and each of its members, his cooperation and goodness, his support of and participation in the Sisters' pilgrimages, jubilees, and the recent celebration marking the centennial of their work in the United States. "In all instances," she concluded, "you affirm us and show a confidence in what we are presently doing and indicate a hope in our future endeavors."  ----------------------------------------
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