Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Friday at Cathedral 4/2/10

Good Friday Service at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia, PA on April 2, 2010. Main Celebrant and Homilist was Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka. During the Service the Faithful processed around the Cathedral three times.

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Video 1 : Summary Video (Procession, Singing of Noble Joseph)

Video 2: Procession Video

Video 3: Singing of Noble Joseph/Homily

1) Photos by Tanya Bilyj (Click photo to enlarge)

Rev. Ivan Demkiv reads Gospel in Ukrainian

The procession leaves through the main doors and goes around the church three times, proceeding to the right as they leave the building. Thus commemorating the taking of the Lord's Body, symbolized by His image on the Holy Shroud, to the tomb for burial.

Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka venerates the Shroud of Turin replica on display at the Cathedral.

2) Photos by Teresa Siwak (click photo to enlarge)

Leading the responses for the Faithful are: Lisa Oprysk, Rev. Archpriest Daniel Troyan and the Missionary Sisters of the Mother of God.

Msgr. Peter Waslo reads Gospel in English

Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka incenses the Shroud of Turin replica.

-the end

Photos and Videos by Teresa Siwak and Tanya Bilyj

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