Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ascension Manor Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Ascension Manor Celebrated it's 40th Anniversary with a Breakfast on November 3, 2008 for the residents. John Siwak, General Manager, welcomed residents to the celebration and encouraged all who attended to enjoy the breakfast and to watch the slideshow of memories from Ascension Manor over the past 40 years.

Ascension Manor is located one block away from the Cathedral in Philadelphia, PA. Ascension Manor is a non-profit senior citizen apartment complex for people 62 and older and is under the direction of the Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. For more information about Ascension Manor please call them at 215-922-1116.

Below is a video clip from the Celebration.

Here are photos from the event.

General Manager, John Siwak, poses outside of Ascension Manor.

John Siwak welcomes everyone to the celebration.

Residents enjoying the breakfast and slideshow of memories.

Watching the Slideshow of Memories.

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